Content Optimization Service

Content standards have changed significantly over the years. Optimal keyword density or word count is a no longer something that can be defined with a “general rule” – it’s specific to each keyword.

We use the latest content analysis tools to review your content. This review takes into account keyword density in your:

  • Page title
  • Meta description
  • Content body
  • Heading tags
  • Within bold or italics
It also takes into account the lengths of these elements, along with the total word count. Different terms and synonyms used within your content are assessed too. Your content is given a score out of 100% before we begin the optimization work.

We then perform this same analysis on the 10 most optimized pieces of content for these same keywords – your competitors.

This is combined with up to an additional 500 words per piece of content, along with formatting changes such as breaking it down with more paragraphs, sub-headings or lists to make it more engaging.

When we are done, we'll share with you a final report to show the improved optimization score.

Note: Turn around time is based on quantity. We can usually optimize up to 20 URLs within one month.

Case Study

Below you can find an example of the impact this service on one of our clients' sites after working on just 5 of their posts. Before optimization the content was indexed for 26 keywords, none of which were in the top 10. This generated, at most, 2 visits per month.

5 weeks after we began optimizing, these same URLs were indexed for 276 high value keywords, with 22 of them ranked on page 1. They are already seeing 178 visits per month—this content is now generating a return on their investment.

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