Want to implement a "content first" strategy for your website, but don't know where to begin?

When using this service, we take your current website, look at your competitors' sites and perform bulk keyword research based on your target audience and then, page by page, plan out the content that you, your team or a third party writer should produce for your website.

You will receive a page by page spreadsheet with:
  • Page or Blog Article Title
  • Primary keyword/topic of the Page or Article
  • Secondary keyword/sub-topics of the Page or Article
  • Permalink structure
  • Recommended word count, based on:
    • keyword volume
    • strength of your competitors
    • word count of the top 10 Google results (looking at what is already ranking)
You will also receive content creation guidelines, which will help you to interpret this spreadsheet and produce high quality content. In addition, a content checklist will help writers to produce your best content. 

These are the same processes and documents that I use on my own websites.

The goal is to give you the best content, without producing an excessive number of articles, or excessively long articles (unnecessary cost), that you actually have a chance of ranking for within 12 months. I want to remove the friction around getting your best content online.

Note: Pages and Blog Articles are interchangeable. If you only want blog posts, we can focus on that. If you are seeking new product pages, we can focus on those. By default we will provide a mix based on your best opportunities.

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